Mark was an excellent student while he attended the Cortiva Institute and he is now an attentive, professional and highly skilled massage therapist. As Director of Career Services, I would highly recommend him to any employer." ---Kelly Karol , Career Services Director at Cortiva Institute Somerset School of Massage Therapy” October 30, 2008 


"As someone who works out hard 4-6 times a week running, lifting weights or doing other HIIT training, I can beat my body up often. I’ve gone to Mark several times for massage therapy work and it’s been re”MARK”able. Specifically Mark, helped me recover from a back injury after a nasty slip off my porch during the winter with a combination of stretching techniques and massage therapy work. More recently, Mark helped me get through some pain issues with angry shoulders, neck, hip flexors and IT bands. He's offered healing hands through my active lifestyle, stress of work & life as well as need for a self-maintenance day. Mark listens and takes cues from you. You get to decide if you need a quiet session or are up for comfortable conversation. Mark can accommodate either. He checks in with you, asks for feedback and responds to what your needs are that day. Mark is truly a healer and one of the best restorative massage therapists around. His unique technique, keen intuition and positive energy combine to provide a healing method that is incredibly soothing. On many levels, Mark can tell you what your body needs and then can customize treatment when needed to help ease pain and feel better about yourself. It’s a huge privilege to have Mark as my massage therapist.  --Christina L.  9/15


"Getting a massage from Mark is such a positive experience on many levels. He is friendly, knowledgeable and professional and that’s all before you actually get on the table. Mark does an amazing job of making the experience enjoyable on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Each time I go to see Mark he seems to have done more research, studying and learning to make my massage feel hand tailored to my specific needs. I’d highly recommend Mark to anyone who is interested in a great massage experience." -- Peter Boragine, Elmwood Pk.


 "I have been a loyal client of Marks' for the last few years. He is an amazing massage therapist. He works out your knots and areas of tension, with the pressure you are comfortable with. He is professional and friendly. Your body will thank you after your massage with Mark!."  

--Ashley H.


 "Mark is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work.  Whether I need a deep tissue therapeutic massage or just gentle relaxation, Mark is always right on!" ---  Mary R.


"As a Tae Kwon Do instructor and a National Competitor in Martial Arts, I have found that massage therapy has helped me in recovery for sore muscles, healing injuries and maintainng flexibility. I have been working with Mark for the past two years. Mark has an amazing knowledge of the muscle system and how to an athelete uses each muscle. Our sports massage sessions have allowed me to keep training hard and compete at my peak."

--- Pam G


 “Mark is a a very knowledgeable therapist who understands the human anatomy and how to work through tension and yield tremendous results. He is personable and very in-tune with his clients needs. I highly recommend Mark.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.  -- Nadia Ratycz


Mark is an extremely talented, well-balanced and a professional massage therapist who is well trained and I would highly recommend his services.” September 29, 2011 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time -- Mandy McLaughlin


"Marks massage is one if the best ever.  I have a lot of tightness in my upper back and shoulders and when he is done massaging them they feel so much better! "  

-- Debbie S.


"I have had massages all around the world, but I was lucky to find the best of the best right in my own neighborhood. Mark is very knowledgeable and has helped to significantly reduce my neck pain while creating a comfortable and relaxing environment. He also encourages me and shows me exercises and stretches that I can do in between sessions. He's an absolute gem!  -- Carrie D.  8/4/14


" Mark is who I go to and recommend to my friends and family "  --Daniel Omaha, PT


As an avid runner, Mark has been instrumental in my post recovery with his excellent deep tissuue massage. He is professional and has in depth knowledge of muscles, stretching and strengthening. I highly recommend him for any athlete who wants to avoid injury and shorten recovery time. "             --Denise B


" I've been a migrane sufferer due to increased tension in my shoulders and back for many years. I have been with Mark for quite some time and since i've been in his care, he's been the only therapist that has improved my condition. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who is a fellow sufferer."

--Diana A.


"A truely relaxing and rejuvenating experience!"  

-- Brenda K.  8/2014


"I started seeing Mark for stress related tension in my neck and shoulders.  He was able to isolate and release long standing issues when other therapist could not.  Massage therapy with Mark was also an important part of my half marathon training.  I experienced extremely tight hamstrings and lower back pain throughout my training.  My best runs were always after a session with Mark. " --C Levine


"I had a massage with Mark, it was one of the best experiences I had which was well worth it it and felt so rejuniviating. The atmosphere and the quality of my massage therapist was top notch. Best Message I ever had. Mark was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Will definitely be back for another one. Mark is amazing! Great touch and technique! Never had someone get all the knots out of my back without making it painful or uncomfortable. Highly recommended."  --DIANE PINTO OLIVEIRA PRICE 8/14


“ I met Mark back in September as I've spent the last 10+ years looking for a therapist that can help me with my chronic back stiffness and neck pain.  I'm grateful to have found a true gem! I will look no further! It's an understatement to say that he is a master in his field.  He's not just doing his job-he clearly wants to help improve the well being of his client. He is patient and caring. He listens and applies his extensive knowledge of human anatomy at each session, in addition to offering suggestions to help maintain positive results after my visit. Mark uses therapeutic techniques -he's mindful and interactive, ensuring I'm comfortable with the pressure, always introducing something new, based on my body's needs at that moment.  After having completed a handful of sessions, Im feeling the impact of @Mark Patterson's MyoMaven Therapuetic Massage and Bodywork 
I have total faith that Mark will be the one to heal me! His genuine, positive energy is one of a kind. Thank you, Mark!  “

Cheryl T.      12/2023

Mark is a massage muscle genius. I have gone to him for the past 2 years.  As a Physical Therapist I often get hurt, but am never anxious because I know Mark will figure out exactly which muscles are causing it and within the next day or two things will be better.  His hands know instinctively where to go and the pressure needed.  Afterward he will give me stretches, exercises, whatever is needed.  You never feel rushed and the place is extremely calming.  If you have pain or just need to destress and relax . I highly recommend Mark. “ 

Amy Srebnik     11/23/2023